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Final Fantasy is not a videogame, but a form of art.

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Almost there.


guys. what if Riku went to take the Keyblade as was like, “Let the Keyblade choose. It’s true master!” and then just stood there dramatically and nothing happened. Think about how stupid he’d look. it’d be great.



Lightning & Noctis: You should know who we are.

*Sidenote: It’s just funny how the two settings, they are in, speaks about their names » Lightning [simply as the Lightning bolt or Lightning] And Noctis [meaning Night and don’t forget the Sky. :3]

combat with tony stark style flashlights »

F A B U L A  N O V A  C R Y S T A L L I S

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lightnig farron → faceless

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Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy heading to PC via Steam

Square Enix announced on Thursday that it will release Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for PC via the Steam platform.

Final Fantasy XIII will arrive on October 9 for US$16, and is available for pre-order for US$14.40 through a Steam special promotion.



30 Day Coloring Challenge → Create a coloring using only gradients

It’s been a long time coming… 

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